Da Vinci´s secrets

Bratislava, Košice

You have 70 minutes! Can you solve Master Leonardo´s mystery?!





Number of players

70 min


49,99 €

Place you can play it


Place you can play it

The story

In our third room, you can experience the adventure of searching for the Holy Grail. According to Christian legends, it might have been a glass or a goblet from which Jesus Christ was drinking during the Last supper. Joseph of Arimathea was the first guardian and later the Templars took possession of it. In the 15th century, the Templars´ power has weakened and they were not able to protect it properly anymore. They started to look for the biggest thinker of the century Leonardo Da Vinci. They wanted him to create a secure place which did not need 100 men to protect it still being under high security. Leonardo accepted the challenge and has created a system of codes, symbols, connections, known only to a certain chosen ones. According to the legends, to find the Grail it was essential to visit Milan, Venice, Rome, Verona, Turin and Vatican and to decipher the complicated web of Leonardo´s codes. Your team has just started to search in Leonardo´s ancient office in Milan and trying to solve the logical connections to find the indication leading to Venice. But Leonardo was prudent and he knew that not only the chosen ones would try to find the Grail. That is why he has included some protective mechanism into his system. The codes have to be deciphered in 70 minutes in every place; otherwise the indication to the next city will be destroyed. And the Grail will be lost. Will you manage it?